Gretchen + Josh | Lancaster, PA Winter Engagement Session

An engagement session is included in most of my wedding packages, and I highly encourage all of my couples to do them! It gives us the opportunity for us to work together before the wedding. It helps you (the couple!) get comfortable being photographed, and it helps me get an idea of how I can best serve you and what your vibe is together!

For Gretchen and Josh’s engagement session, we were planning on walking around Lancaster city. However, the weather had different plans. It was about 12 degrees outside, and there was a random freak snow storm that none of us knew would be happening. I have been following The Lemon Street Home  on instagram for a while and loved their house and have been wanting to shoot there! Thankfully they squeezed us in last minute and it was PERFECT. Lancaster, PA has all the adorable little hidden treasures, and I will forever love it. Eventually we went outside for a couple minutes in the alleys near my apartment and got the most adorable snow pictures of them.


I cant wait until their October 11th wedding at the Eden in Lancaster!  Here are a couple of my favorites from their engagement session to hold you over!




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