I'm Madeline, a photographer from Central PA. A lover of the small in between moments. The hugs between family, the gentle kisses throughout the night, and the sneaky glances between the one you love most.

Hello and welcome




I AM A storyteller...

I believe your love alone is a celebration, whether you choose to “say I do” just the two of you, with 200+ people surrounding you, or anything in between. Your wedding doesn’t need to be "Instagram perfect" or filled with details that are straight off a Pinterest board because what matters most is that this is the start of your journey together. 




I want you to feel as if you are reliving your wedding day when you look back at your photos.

I believe in love.

I believe that love is love.

I believe that every story is different.

I believe in belly laughs and inside jokes.

I believe in love that leaves a legacy.


Throughout your wedding day, my goal is that you feel like you. I want you to be able to look back at your photos when you're old and wrinkly and say, "Thats us." I want you to feel how the day felt. I want you to see the little nose wrinkly you do when you laugh, or your dads smirk that sneaks out when he's happy. The way you and your best friends danced the night away, or how you and your partner held pinkies as you walked through the crowd. Those are the moments that are going to matter.

I LOVE capturing those intimate moments.

I believe in the one of a kind romance, that deep love story.