I believe in love.

I believe that love is love.

I believe that every story is different.

I believe in belly laughs and inside jokes.

I believe in a love that leaves a legacy.


love that leaves
a legacy

It's about creating
a legacy for people.

I’ve had a camera in my hand since the time I could walk, and a passion for love and beautiful people for just as long.

For me, It’s always been about helping others create their legacy. To tell a story through images. Something that can be passed down for people to tell the story of the day, and who all was there. 

There has always been such a pull for me to freeze moments in time. To create a legacy through images. I’ve personally experienced this importance first hand. After having my baby boy, It was like a switch had gone off for me of how important my job is. The pictures our family has together now mean everything to us. Those will be the pictures that we pass on to tell the story of our lives together.

This solidified why my job is so important. It’s not just about taking pretty photos to post on Instagram.

Throughout my work, I want you to feel the story and the emotions. Those moments are fleeting. They are just quick little blips from the day that your journey officially started. As we move through life, there are so many moments that pass us by. At the time they don’t feel big, but as you look back, you can see what those little moments meant. Whether it’s your dad walking you down the aisle, a hug with your grandmother, or a goofy picture with your best friends--every moment is important, and they deserve to be authentically captured.

Hey! I'm Madeline, a photographer based in Central Pennsylvania.

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