•I'm an avid snacker. GIMME ALL      THE SNACKS
•Sticking my cold feet on my husband.
•Fuzzy blankets
•Target (it's kind of a problem)
•Mac and cheese. It has to be the boxed kind.
•When my dog steals my husbands pillow.
•The color black.
•When you laugh so hard you snort.

little loves

My name is Madeline, and I’m what you’d call an extroverted introvert. My “things I love” list includes my husband Sean, my dog Margot, and cuddling up with both of them to watch The Office or That ‘70s Show (seriously, we haven’t watched anything else in about a year—we might have a problem). 

It’s my goal to capture the raw emotion of everyday life in the photos I take. I believe in leaning into the timeless moments that you’ll want to remember and making sure that every time you look back on them, you feel something. The memories you make are true to life, authentic, and badass—so your photos of those memories should be, too!

As a photographer (and wife!), I know how important communication and connection can be when you’re planning some of the biggest moments of your life! I work to be as attentive as possible when it comes to talking through all the details, and it’s a priority for me to do what I can so that my clients are comfortable and confident throughout the process. On top of that, I specialize in all things emotional and fun—I promise to do my best to capture exactly who you are and what you feel, and to make sure we’re all having a good time along the way!

Let’s stay connected, get stuff done, be a little mushy gushy, and have the best time together as we make your favorite moments last forever!

HEyyyy! My name is madeline...

madeline isabella