White Cliffs of Conoy Couple Photos

I was so happy to be reunited with Marina and Jim for their anniversary couple photos at White Cliffs of Conoy. Marina and Jim were married last year (it was even featured in Junebug Weddings, a bucket list item for me!) and I was so honored to photograph them to commemorate their first anniversary.

Jim attempted to surprise Marina with these photos, but then Marina also reached out to me to set up an anniversary session, so I had to be very sneaky! The fact that they both had this exact same idea shows how in sync they are as a couple.

White Cliffs of Conoy is such an other-worldly spot – you definitely don’t feel like you’re still in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! This would be an amazing place for engagement photos, family photos, and as you can easily see – anniversary photos!

Marina’s style is so fun and flirty – she really rocks the hat!

Marina and Jim took my advice on exactly when to photograph so we could time it to the sunset. I love the golden glow we got on the Cliffs this time of day and how it truly lights them up!

I’m often asked what to wear for couple photos. A good rule of thumb is to wear something you’d actually wear in “real life” and that you feel comfortable in! The dress you always reach for on a Sunday for brunch? The pants you’re always bummed to see are in the laundry? Wear those! Marina and Jim were so comfortable (and adorable!) in their threads, and their comfort shows.

Of course I had to have a little fun with the sunset and get a silhouette.

Marina and Jim were brave enough to get wet at the end of their session! I absolutely love how dreamy these photos are in the water.

Happy first anniversary, Marina and Jim! Here’s to many many more.



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