Smoker Farm Wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania

After having to postpone their Smoker Farm wedding due to COVID, Alison + Brock finally had the most gorgeous celebration this summer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

“Same place, same time, new date” – seriously THE motto for 2020 weddings!

The stunning and wild florals were a created by Pinewood and Posies.

Bristle + Prim did the girls hair and makeup, and we couldn’t resist popping a bottle of champagne outside right before everyone got dressed!

I love when brides do a “first look” with their dad – it’s always some of the best smiles (and tears) of the day!

How sweet is this custom tie Alison’s dad wore with a picture of them in it?!

Their ceremony was hosted at the oh-so-quaint Willow Valley Chapel.

This little man had some cool shoes and the confidence to match them!

They’re married!

The barn was absolutely decked out for Alison and Brock’s reception – I loved all the greenery and elegant details!

Hand sanitizer is absolutely THE wedding favor of 2020!

Taco truck?! So here for this!

Time to celebrate!

I love photographing toasts (and listening!) because I always learn something about the couple I didn’t know before!

After toasts, it was time for a prayer.

They had the sweetest (literally) collection of desserts for their guests!

During the reception, I snagged Alison + Brock for just a few moments as the sun went down to capture some more couples portraits. This is always such a sweet part of the day – they’re married, they’re relaxed, they’re ready to party with their friends, and they’re totally present. No details to worry about anymore! I highly recommend setting aside fifteen or twenty minutes of your reception to get some photos like these!

Sorry, am I at a wedding or in a movie?!

Mixed Up Productions kept the party going!

Ali and Brock’s family and friends knew how to get down!

Obviously their doggo cut-out had to get some dance floor action…

What a magical wedding! Congratulations Alison + Brock!



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